More about Nick

Nick's interest in personnel training began in 1988 when he served as a combatant soldier with the British Army, playing an active role in both foreign and domestic postings. In 1995 Australia beckoned, where he worked predominantly as a crash investigator for the Western Australia Police Service.


In 2001, Nick moved into civilian life and joined the finance industry in Melbourne, a firm which was backed by a major Australian motor company.  Here he conducted both office and field duties, including collections, repossessions and location inquiries, subsequently progressing to the position of State Manager, Western Australia for a major national repossession company before relocating to Melbourne, Victoria as their General Manager. 


Apart from overseeing daily operations, Nick's responsibilities also included compliance, general training and dispute resolution.


With growing recognition and the vital need for compliance training in the finance industry, and that legislation was now insisting on it; Nick undertook to develop an online training school dedicated totally to the activities of Agents who dealt with the credit consumers. These modules proved to be very popular with financiers, with their attention to compliance and relevance.

Nick identified several large companies only offered generic, fully automated ‘wholesale’ courses to the masses, often with vital core training elements omitted and with little or no personal interaction between the trainer and student.

Having a strong interest in niche market training, Nick broadened his outlook and ambition to include all industry types, with a view to delivering online training and assessment that would be relevant, tailored, interactive and instantly changeable to meet the demands of the employee’s daily duties and the employer’s expectations.

Beebox Training was born where ‘real-life’ compliance training would be readily available by using cutting-edge and engaging technology via the Internet.

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