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We have engaged Beebox Training for many years now for our annual accreditation for mercantile agents. The relevant and concise training package is regularly updated and is key to ensuring your staff understands regulatory changes.

The accreditation certificates are recognised by mainstream financiers and meet the standard for ensuring compliance with RG206.

Daniel Steers

Derwent Mercantile


At Slattery Recoveries, we pride ourselves on our commitment to governance and compliance. That’s why we trust working with Beebox who run industry-wide annual compliance training.

Beebox ensures modules are updated every year so the course remains relevant and up to date with regulatory changes. Great service that can be trusted.

Michelle Hibbert

Slattery Recoveries


Beebox has been our external training provider for many years now; we find their courses invaluable. The training material is easy to understand, the testing process simple, and follow up second to none. Beebox has become a critical compliance partner to our business.

Gavin Scott

Scott's Mercantie


Beebox Training is a one-stop shop for compliance-related material that supports the Mercantile industry.  Enabling consistency in the field and aligns with the requirements of our Banking & Finance partners.

Gareth Rattray



Central Victorian Mercantile has trusted Beebox in providing professional, comprehensive compliance training for the past 10 years. The training is a vital part of our onboarding process, building our team’s capability that our clients highly regard. We are fortunate to have this available to assist in educating compliance for our industry.

Lauren Dundon

Central Victorian Mercantile


From a training and CPD perspective, Beebox is a one-stop shop, ensuring that our team remains up to date with the latest changes in the industry. Beebox proactively manages training expiry dates, which provides a fail-safe for our internal compliance systems and ensures that our personnel are compliant at all times; this, in turn, provides an additional level of comfort to our valued clients.

Ramon Gardiner

Rapid Commercial

Compliant Agents

Compliant Mercantile Agents 2020

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Quick Reference Guide

We recommend that sub-contracting agents fund their training as part of their commitment to self-compliance.

Regional agents contracting to multiple agencies benefit from completing one annual industry-recognised course.

Confirm with principal-agent if they have any sub-agents or operational office assistants also requiring training.

Consider audit, SLA and ASIC Regulatory Guide 206 risk exposure.

Regularly log in to your live training register and keep an eye on expiring or expired training certificates.​​

We send reminder notices to students on your behalf in the month leading up to certificate expiry.

For more on who should complete annual compliance training, take a look inside the Your Role page. Why do mercantile agents and their assistants need to be trained every year?