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We are specialists in providing online training to the mercantile industry of Australia and affiliated businesses, offering a one-stop annual compliance training solution.


Whether you are starting a new career as a mercantile agent or an experienced manager requiring your yearly refresher, then our 'open-book' course will provide the knowledge, assessment and certification trusted by leading mercantile agencies and credit providers.


1 standard, 1 course, 1 certificate, that's 100% relevant.


Choose your job type below to find how it all works.


Working in the field of repossessions, collections and field calls.

 4 min read

Coordinating field agents, vetting reports and liaising with clients.

4 min read

Ensuring agents and staff follow regulatory, legal, SLAs and internal policies.

 3 min read

Issuing instructions to the field and directing mercantile agent activity.

 3 min read


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ASIC Regulatory Guide 206

compliant agents & staff

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