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12th November 2019 - 10:50 am AEST

We are pleased to advise that all of our data has been recovered without any loss or exposure. We are in the process of restoring and testing with another hosting provider in Australia.

Access to the training platform and training registers is still restricted and, we hope to be back to normal by this evening.

Thank you for your patience and understanding.


Nick Boyd

11th November 2019 - 11.10 am AEST

Access to both our training platform and the training registers are currently down.

Our hosting provider has advised that they are under attack from a ransomware hack.

They are currently working on the restoration of our databases along with 1000's of other customers; but at this stage cannot confirm when our services will be restored.

We have recent backups for both sites and are currently looking to other hosting providers; this may take a day or two to implement and restore.

I can confirm that no financial records are held in our databases, and your personal information is limited to your first name, surname and email address and your training records. Since this is a ransomware attack, both of our databases are subject to encryption.

For more information and progress on this issue, please follow:





Apologies for the inconvenience and rest assured we are working hard to resolve this issue.


Nick Boyd